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     7 Things to keep in mind before you buy a suit
    7 Things to keep in mind before you buy a suit For some people, suits are an expression of themselves that showcases their innate vibe. One can look and feel complete and confident while wearing a suit and change their entire behavior and outlook as a person. When it comes to suits, bespoke tailoring nowadays is much more exclusive. People have tended towards buying tailored suits rather than ready-made ones. How does a suit make you look better? The answer is, that a suit can hide everything that is unsymmetrical about your body. Basically, it hides every flaw a body has and highlights features such as your shoulders and chest giving you a natural v-shaped feature of your body, that is commendable and attractive. Choosing a suit is always meant to look slim but not feel too tight, to the high armhole, so that you can move around without compromising the fit of the jacket. Your perfect suit doesn’t necessarily begin in the suit store. How was it? Everything’s straightforward. Let’s see what boundaries one should think of before shopping for a formal attire: ● Buying ready-made suits. A ready-made suit can never fit well to any person because these suits are mass-produced and are not meant to please every shape and size. Even if the suit fits you well from every measurement, there is a high possibility that the sleeve lengths can be longer or shorter. ● Matched pocket square with a tie. A well-polished gentleman who has a good sense of fashion for formal occasions would never go for a matched pocket square with a tie. It would make your appearance disorderly and casual. ● Wearing inappropriate socks. When it comes to appearance, people often neglect the fact that the choice of socks can display your overall impression. You should always go for mid-calf socks. Make sure, you should never wear socks that expose your ankle. A revealing ankle just looks unprofessional and messy. ● Tying fancy knots. Knots like Trinity and Eldredge knots would never look sophisticated and exclusive..In my opinion, wherever you go on formal occasions, please keep it minimal. A Windsor or half-Windsor knot will be the best match, as it always looks timeless because some things can be better off as conventional. ● Starting off with eccentric shoes. You want to go with a classic workhorse. Why? Because you are going to get more wear out of it. As this type of shoes can go with any sort of business attire. Perhaps, if you want something a bit casual, you should go for a brown blucher with caps toe on top. If you buy something eccentric, maybe it can be a good investment but it is better if you would go for foundation first. ● Tight Waistcoats. A well-cut waistcoat will bring real class to any outfit. However, a vest can also be difficult to put on properly. A waistcoat will always fit tighter than your waist jacket. But the fit we are mainly talking about here has to do with length. You should not be able to see the lower part of the dress shirt. It should completely cover your beltline. ● Neglecting Cufflinks. Cufflinks attract more attention than buttons because they are often seen as accessories, even though every gentleman knows they are much more than that, they can be used to add flair to an outfit or bridge the gap between casual and formal. With a nice cufflink on your wrist, your outfit will look great. In conclusion, we need to understand that a good quality suit comes at a high cost. The fabric would definitely be expensive, the tailor can charge you more for his craftsmanship. Overall, a well-crafted suit may cost you more but you should not be worried about expense here because if you are an adult and you have reached a particular body frame, believe me, it is going to last you for a very long time. It's worth investing in!

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